Robinia pseudoacacia L.

Robinia, Locust tree or False acacia

Family: Fabaceae

The robinia is a native of the Appalachian Mountains, but has spread from Canada to California. It spreads aggressively in many other countries, increasing mostly by root suckers. It is not seen that commonly in Ireland. The flowers are pendulous rather like those of laburnum, but are creamy white. The leaves have from 9-23 untoothed leaflets and, unusually, the base of the leaf stalk encloses and hides the axial bud. The bark is usually deeply fissured and the heartwood is a deep orangey brown.There are two specimens in Belfast Botanic Gardens in the shrubby area facing the front of the Palm House. Both flowered profusely in June 2010.

2022 – Both of these trees have now been removed. They were suckering prolifically and may have been deemed unsuitable for the area in front of the Palm House.

Photos taken in Belfast Botanic Gardens in 2010. Copyright: Friends of Belfast Botanic Gardens.