Medicinal Plants in the Medicine Garden

The Global Medicine Garden has a core community of species, just under 160 species in total at the time of writing. Additional plants will vary from year to year and season to season. The garden is divided into geographical zones which are shown on the plan below. 
We illustrate here some iconic medicinal plants from each zone, and the catalogue will become more comprehensive over time. The notes are a brief overview of the herbs and their therapeutic uses, to give an idea of the range of properties, not in any way intended as a manual for self-treatment. 

Multiple sources have been used in compiling this catalogue, ranging from notes from a course for professionals, lectures, visits and practical classes at the wonderful Chelsea Physic Garden, with additional books and field guides plus online data from a selection of reliable websites (see below), which will be of use to those interested in further enquiry. 

Chiej, Roberto The Macdonald Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants, Macdonald 
Summer, Judith  The Natural History of Medicinal Plants, Timber Press 2000 
Foster, Steven and Duke, James A.,1990,  A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants, Eastern and Central North America, Peterson Field Guides 

Good sources for accessing further information online are: 
–Plants for a Future (,
–Useful Temperate Plants (

Caution is urged in the use of medicinals, advice from a professional should be sought.

Plan of Global Medicine Garden


Where we can manage, herbs of native origin have been planted.

Great Britain


North America

South America




New Zealand