Belfast Botanic Gardens Cycad Collection

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This is one of a series of short articles about cycads in the Belfast Botanic Gardens, compiled by members of the Friends Group.
Lepidozamia peroffskyana
The are two large plants of this cycad species in the Tropical Ravine. One is a female and produced a huge seed cone in 2017. Unfortunately there was no pollen-bearing male plant nearby so the seeds were not viable. One of the plants lost all its leaves during the building work and looked dead. It has completely revived and now has a crown of fresh bright green leaves.
The plant is endemic to Eastern Australia and grows in wet forest or forest margins usually on steep slopes.

Lepidozamia Lepidozamisa young fronds
Lepidozamia peroffkyana in the Tropical Ravine Young expanding fronds
Lepidozamis stem Lepidozamia seed cone
Thick stem with old leaf bases Seed cone
Lepidozamis leaf detail Lepidozamia megosporophyll
Leaf detail Single cone scale (megasporophyll) with two seeds