Belfast Botanic Gardens
Global Medicine Garden - in 2022
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We began 2022 in the GMG with great optimism. Since our shaky, Covid-clouded beginnings, we have put key plants in the ground, added some explanatory signage, maintained the garden to a high standard throughout 2021 when we had our official opening, with Belfast's Lord Mayor. In addition, we have engaged with so many members of the public both as visitors to the garden, over the railings to begin with, and as customers at our series of pop-up plant and ceramic sales.

We had no sooner begun our gardening year of 2022 with seasonal tasks such as leaf gathering and judicious hoeing, when we had the serendipitous opportunity to participate in Northern Ireland Science Week, specifically in the spectacular outdoor night-time 'Body' Installation.
This gave us the chance to welcome the public into our garden which became Memory Lane for the purposes of the experience, engage with them and explain that they were in the FoBBG Global Medicine Garden. In spite of the fact that it was February, and after dark, this was a wonderful opportunity for publicity both of the GMG and of FoBBG, and, in spite of two nights' cancellation due to stormy weather, members rallied round and we made the most of it.

So far, around 160 species from around the globe, all with herbal associations, have been planted and accessioning is under way. Throughout the project we have benefitted from co-operation and support from council and gardening staff.

development of the garden in 2019/20
progress in 2021
progress in 2023
details of individual plants in the geographic sections
seed sowing and monthly jobs in the garden

view of the medicinal garden from Ulster Museum
The garden in summer 2021.

Northern Ireland Science Week 'Body' installation taking place in Belfast Botanic Gardens
Building obelisks with hazel and willow

Compost and mulch - so much better than peat

More plants for the garden continue to be sourced and propagated off site.
development of the garden in 2019/20 here
details of individual plants in the geographic sections

Updates, information on herbs, plant lists and more will follow.