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Global Medicinal Garden - in 2021
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2021 has been an exciting year in the medicine garden. Many new plants have been added and some of the early plantings have thrived beyond our expectations. Finally in October we had the official opening (see pictures and link to video below)

Our volunteer gardening team have enjoyed sociable and productive days as the hard physical work on site has proceeded through the year.

So far, around 80 species (some 200 plants), all with herbal associations, from around the globe have been planted and are being accessioned. Throughout the project we have benefitted from co-operation and support from council and gardening staff.

development of the garden in 2019/20
details of individual plants in the geographic sections

view of the medicinal garden from Ulster Museum
The garden in summer 2021.

As soon as the Covid restrictions allowed we were back to the garden.

This was a big planting day:with Hidcote lavender, valerian, Christmas box, dyer's greenweed and jasmine all going in.

The opening of the Global Medicine Garden by Lord Mayor of Belfast on 9 September 2021

See report from Belfast City Council here
and a short video by the Mayor on Twitter here

More plants for the garden continue to be sourced and propagated off site.
development of the garden in 2019/20 here
details of individual plants in the geographic sections

Updates, information on herbs, plant lists and more will follow.