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This is one of a series of short articles about trees in the Belfast Botanic Gardens compiled by the Friends group. The tree tag number relates to the black tree maintainance tags, usually fixed on the tree trunk, 2 to 3m above ground level.
Family: Sapindaceae
Aesculus flava Sol.
Yellow Buckeye

Black tag 319
54o 34.966N
5o 55.873W
Although this handsome buckeye is a hardy native of the Appalachian Mountains it is seldom seen in the British Isles. In its native habitat it can achieve 43m in height. Its typical 'horse chestnut' leaves are a bright glossy green. The flowers are a creamy yellow. The fine specimen in the Belfast Botanic Gardens is, unfortunately, hidden among rather dense shrubbery and close to a large weeping ash. As the photographs show, the crown of the buckeye stands clear of the other vegetation.

Photos taken in Belfast Botanic Gardens in 2009. Copyright: Friends of Belfast Botanic Gardens.

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