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Latest news on renovation of the Tropical Ravine
Much progress has been made on this complex project and the building work in on schedule for completion during this summer. The site will then be turned over to the interpretive team and the planting will start. The local stakeholders - local residents groups, Lyric Theatre, Queen's University and the Friends of Belfast Botanic Gardens - were permitted a 'hard-hat' visit to view progress. We were impressed by the high standard of the building work which is very sensitive to the historic nature of the building. For example the replaced key stones over the windows closely match the originals, the new doorway that has been cut in the south wall has the same ornamental brickwork as used elsewhere in the original. Even the new guttering is the correct style. Inside much of the original stone work was been re-instated, although path widths have been increased to allow access. The roof glass is almost complete and the windows will be installed soon. Once the building is water-tight, the plants such as Cycads that have lived in polythene tents throughout the building work can be released to enjoy the new bright environment.
hardhat visit 16 March 2017 hardhat visit 16 March 2017
Hardhat visit to Tropical Ravine March 2017 16 March 2017
new door in south wall window opening
New doorway in south wall Detail of window head
new glass gable wall
Installation of glass almost complete Gable wall awaiting it glazing
inside stonework
Stonework and new paths Replaced stone work inside and new planting beds